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Yoga and Surf Retreats Yoga and Surf Retreats Yoga and Surf Retreats

Yoga and Surf Retreat

As part of our Costa Rica Yoga Retreat, surfing is included for those who seek a little adventure in the fun and warm waves on one of the most gorgeous beaches in the country.

A few minutes walk along the beach from our retreat is where the surf lessons are held. The surf spot is a long beach break with a sandy bottom (no reef or rocks) and perfect for learning. For personalized attention we have three students per instructor.

Our top-notch and highly experienced instructors are locals to the area and will ensure you a safe and thrilling adventure. They are certified in Water Rescue, First Aid and CPR. The lessons are two hours each morning except Wednesday. Part of the time will be on land to learn theory and review skills and then in the water to put theory to the practice.

Most of those who join the Yoga and Surf Retreat are beginners - so don't hesitate if you've never been on a surf board before. Start the lessons and let the fun begin! You will quickly see the synergy between yoga and surfing and feel the flow and connection between the two practices.

For those who are more experienced this is a great opportunity to fine-tune your technique and really see how much more there is to advance. We offer coaching sessions during which the instructor goes out with you while surfing and gives you feedback and guidance where to improve your style so you can implement it right away and get the best rides ever.

Water temperatures are in the low to mid 80sF so no wetsuit is needed.

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