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Guest Reviews

Those who have joined a retreat with us regularly comment that our website does not do justice to what they experience. Of course, it is hard to capture the real thing in virtual reality. So we invite you to join us and find out for yourself. You will have an unparalleled and possibly life-changing vacation.

"Thank you for a terrifc yoga experience. I gained so much more than I expected. Not only did I improve my flexibility and strength, but I also gained a new appreciation of the way it opens and calms the mind. I am looking forward to continuing melding yoga into my life."
John - New York, New York

"In five short days I found serenity, rest, peace and parts of myself that had been hiding behind the day to day grind - thank you for helping guide me through such an amazing journey. I look forward to another Vajra Sol retreat in the future."
Sarah - Indianapolis, Indiana

"We all had such a great time on the retreat last week. The entire experience was simply wonderful & I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. You were so helpful in the coordination of the trip --ever so prompt in answering all of our questions and insightful in dealing with our unique issues. We adored our cozy accommodations ...The staff there was very friendly & helpful. The surf instruction was exceptional. The yoga sessions were among the best I've ever had in my 8+ years of practicing. Thanks again for everything. I hope to do it all again soon!"
Autumn - Ventura, California

“This trip has been an amazing experience and surpassed all of my expectations. I would love to travel on a Vajra Sol trip again in the future. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.”
Jessie – New York, New York

“How can we thank you enough for a week that lengthened our muscles, opened our minds and expanded our hearts! A very special experience, indeed. It is hard to express how much we enjoyed meeting you. What a gift your presence has been. We have felt so nurtured and understood. May you always be surrounded by light, happiness and love.”
Jackie & Forrest – Bellingham, Washington

“Our trip has definitely kick started my yoga practice again and I look forward to continuing the momentum. I still feel so empowered by not only the daily yoga sessions but from the entire trip and its adventures and giggles. You did a phenomenal job getting it all in for us. I know that none of us will ever forget that special week in Costa Rica!”
Tanya – Marin, California

"I had such an amazing time on the trip. I met people so much like me in so many ways but so different as well. Sandra, you are such an inspiration to all of us and also have that "living on the edge" mentality. You are always so happy and so content with everything and seem like you could and would make the best out of the worst situation. You made us all open our eyes to so much on the trip and made us all realize that we could do things that we never thought we would or could do… I hope to do another trip with you again in the near future. Thanks again for was a trip of a lifetime."
Jade - Miami, Florida

“As we practice yoga outside in this tropical environment our gaze moves gently from the swiftly rushing river to the stately calm bamboo stalks flanked by coral colored flowers next to the deck. We are reminded there is a time to move our bodies actively, and a time for tranquility, the yin and yang of the world is highlighted here.”
Denise – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

"I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had on this trip and how much I appreciate that you put this together for people to have this experience. I feel that I have learned new things and grown from others. It was great to get to know you and I hope that we will have the opportunity to see each other again."
Arlen - Brentwood, California

“The Vajra Sol vacation was amazing. Each place we stayed was wonderful and unique. The sounds of the jungle were powerful and amazing. Our guides had great knowledge of the plants and animals as well as the local culture. I am new to yoga and thought Sandra did a great job working with me as well as the more experienced yogis. Practicing yoga in such mystically beautiful places was inspiring.”
Christy – Anchorage, Alaska

“Thank you, thank you for an incredible time. Your planning was so thoughtful and wonderful. I will forever remember and long for the time spent in Costa Rica and being around your energy. You have an outstanding yet subtle presence that is truly inspiring. Cheers to you, Fernando and Francesco.”
Francine - Brooklyn, New York

“… Costa Ricans are the nicest group of people that I have had the honor to meet. The food is fantastic and the beach is amazing! The classes in the morning are fabulous (and I am a yoga teacher so I can vouch for Sandra and her extensive knowledge). Surfing is a blast and the instructors are great. I am so happy that I made the decision to go. What an adventure! Om Shanti.
Susan - Columbus, Ohio

“Thank you so much for an incredible trip. It was everything I hoped for and more. It really provided the perfect transition between work and grad school. I had so many amazing experiences. Every time I look back through my pictures (which is a lot), I am filled with such a warm feeling for having met so many incredible people... some people join the tour having come from their busy city lives and who have a really transformative experience from a week in the outdoors. That was definitely me. Nature and the environment are such huge parts of me, but parts that often get lost or downplayed in the DC scramble. This trip reminded me how important it is to keep active those parts of my identity. So thank you for everything!”
Alison – Washington, D.C.

“It is so weird NOT to get up and do yoga every morning! You are so motivating and yet maintain a pressure free environment. It was one of our best vacations and that really has to do with what a great leader you are and what an awesome group we were - full of really interesting people who connected well! Thanks again for a wonderful trip; it was well organized, included varied activities, and your openness and honesty is really refreshing. I hope you let us know when you come through CA - It would be really great to see you again.”
Simone – San Francisco, California