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About Stand Up Paddle and Yoga in Costa Rica

Stand up paddling (SUP) is great fun - and great exercise. In fact, yoga and SUP perfectly complement each other. If you enjoy yoga you will love SUP; and if you like SUP you will see how yoga will better your experience on the board.

SUP is all the rage in fitness, yoga, water sports and surfing circles. It is a fantastic cross-training sport that has very low impact on your joints. And, it can help improve balance and core strength.

The sport has its origins in Hawaii where it is known as Hoe he'e nalu. Hawaiian surfers would take their long boards to distant reef breaks. Paddle boarding is easy to learn and within one or two hours you can become comfortable in the water and on your board. One reason for this is that the SUP board is large and therefore more stable. They can measure as much as 12 feet in length and 33 inches across. This makes for an ideal platform to simply enjoy floating on the surface of the ocean water. You have the freedom to move with the ever-changing rhythm of water by using a paddle. The result is that you focus your attention on being in sync with this flow and the oneness of you and the water.

In yoga we learn and experience the benefits of balance with asanas like tree pose - Vrksasana, and dancer - Natarajasana. We practice strengthening core muscles of the body with poses like boat ' Navasana, and warrior pose - Virabhadrasana. And we learn how to gracefully move between poses in the creation of a meditation in movement, a vinyasa flow. These are all skills that are suited to making you a great stand up paddler.

The SUP Experience

Our Costa Rica yoga retreats include an option for stand up paddling. Click Here to Learn More. We always focus on amazing personal experiences. If you are a beginner to SUP don't worry. We are going to have you up and enjoying the beautiful, serene feeling of floating on water in no time. Here are some Tips for SUP Beginners. If you have already tried SUP our instructors will help you improve your skills and technique.

Our SUP and Yoga Retreat is located on the Nicoya Peninsula in the town of Santa Teresa. A key ingredient in the stand up paddling experience is the beautiful natural environment of Costa Rica. Once we complete our introduction to SUP, we play with various yoga postures while floating on the water. The deck of the SUP board is similar to a non-slip yoga mat. We might work with some simple sitting down poses and move into a standing warrior pose. Advanced yoga poses add an element of focus and concentration. Perhaps you drop into Chaturanga or enjoy a Downward Facing Dog where the world is simultaneously upside down and flowing. The only rule is have fun!