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Registration Form

Please complete one reservation form per person. A non-refundable deposit of US $400 is due at the time your reservation is made. Full payment is due no less than 60 days prior to the first day of the retreat.

We will send you a confirmation when we have received your form. If you do not have any of the below requested information available at this time, you can send it to us via email later. A copy of this form will be emailed to you as well.

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For the Costa Rica Yoga Retreat, select your activity:

What is your surfing experience?
To have the correct surf board for you, what is your weight?
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2017 - 2018 Retreat
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For the Nicaragua Yoga Retreat, select your activity:

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2018 Retreat

Travel Information

Please provide this information if you would like assistance with arranging your airport transfers. If you do not have this information at this time, you can email it to us later.

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Health Information

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Yoga Experience

How long have you practiced yoga?

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What type of yoga do you practice? (e.g. Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Power, Hatha, Bikram, non-specific, etc.)

What are you looking forward to from the yoga sessions and the retreat experience in general?

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What are the most important factors that made you decide to choose Vajra Sol for your retreat?

Additional comments

Participant Agreement

I have read, understood and agree to the Cancellation Policy and Liability Waiver and Assumption of Risk. (Click this link to open Participant Agreement.)

Retreat Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes it may be necessary for various reasons to cancel a reservation. Vajra Sol's policy in such circumstances is as follows. Should you need to cancel your reservation for a Vajra Sol Yoga Adventures retreat 60 days or more prior to the first date of the retreat you will receive a refund for payment made less the US $400 deposit. Should you need to cancel less than 60 days prior to the first date of the retreat for whatever reason we will not be able to provide a refund for any payment made. No refund will be made for arriving late or departing a retreat early. In the unlikely event Vajra Sol needs to cancel a retreat, a full refund of payment made for the retreat will be given. Vajra Sol will not be held liable for any expenses incurred by the participant for a retreat cancelled either by the participant or by Vajra Sol. A cancellation must be received in writing sent via email.

During your retreat there is a possibility that an activity may be cancelled or part of the itinerary changed due to causes beyond the control of Vajra Sol such as the weather. In such circumstances we will not be able to provide refunds for those changes, however, we will do our best to manage those circumstances so that you may continue to enjoy and be safe while on your vacation.

Liability Waiver and Assumption of Risk

While Vajra Sol Yoga Adventures, S.A., places safety for the well-being of the client above all there are inherent risks involved in traveling, participating in the yoga sessions, surfing, stand up paddling and the adventure activities. These risks include but are not limited to damage or loss of personal belongings and personal injury. By signing the below the participant makes the statement that he/she is in satisfactory health and suffers from no physical impairment to voluntarily participate in the yoga sessions and adventure activities per the retreat description and accepts and assumes all of the risks existing in those activities and those involved while traveling in Costa Rica. The participant agrees to research the risks of those activities and of travel for which she/he is not aware.

The participant voluntarily waives any claim to maintain a lawsuit or demands of any kind against Vajra Sol Yoga Adventures, S.A., and its staff and of the partner companies with which Vajra Sol works for injury, illness, death, accident, loss or damage of personal property which may occur during her/his participation on a Vajra Sol retreat.

We highly recommend that all participants purchase travel insurance that covers emergency medical care, cancellation of flights or trip due to illness or other reasons and for loss or theft of personal items.

After you submit your reservation form, please go to the payment link to process your amount due.