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Nature Air aerial view of coast surroundings

Getting Here

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Book your plane ticket to San José international airport (code SJO), Costa Rica's capital city. If you plan to arrive on Sunday, the first day of the retreat, your flight arrival time should be by early afternoon to allow time to transfer to our retreat location in Santa Teresa by Malpais that day. Optionally, you may arrive on Saturday, spend the night in San José and transfer on Sunday (Contact us for hotels near the airport).

While it might take a bit more time to reach this beautiful beach lined by wild jungle on the Nicoya Peninsula than other beaches in Costa Rica it is a tropical paradise worth the journey.

Please review the domestic transfer options below to coordinate with your international flight arrival and departure times. This information is subject to change until a reservation is confirmed.

Traveling from/to San José by Air

The airstrip closest to Santa Teresa is Tambor and direct flights from/to San José are about 20 minutes. There are two domestic airlines in Costa Rica that fly from San José international airport to Tambor:'Nature Air ( and'Sansa ( These domestic flights can book up. Make your reservation early!

Once you arrive in Tambor, we will arrange for a taxi driver to meet you and bring you to the retreat hotel. The one-way cost is $65 (per trip, not per person) and takes about 45 minutes. If you arrive at the same time as other guests we will arrange for you to share the taxi and cost.

Traveling from/to San José by Land